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Epilogue: I Found the Radicals in Student Affairs

Valerie Heruska    · 3 min read

“Sometimes the most innovative voices are drowned out by the noise of the loudest voices.”

Some time ago, a blogger of our work posed the question, “Where are the radicals in student affairs?” A rather in-depth discussion ensued, mostly seeking to define what it means to be “radical” and identifying those who were and examples of things they were doing that would be characterized as such.

In thinking about the word “radical” (I define it as someone who serves to complete a reform), I would contend that the “big thinkers” in our field are not the ones who are making the loudest noise. Rather, I have found the opposite to be true – that some of the more boisterous ones tend to talk too much and demonstrate too little action. Frankly, at times this can be somewhat obnoxious. Being prominent is not a prerequisite to being radical. In fact, the most radical professionals I’ve engaged with are quite humble and far more action-oriented.

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