The Student Affairs Feature

Beyond Compliance: Effective Responses to Sexual and Relationship Violence

Art Munin, Shealyn Wolfe, Ellen Herion Fingado    · 8 min read

Like many, our staff has spent hours scouring the Campus Save Act, studying the OCR guidelines, and reviewing the report from President Obama’s taskforce on sexual violence in higher education. In a Spring 2014 meeting, when outlining our communications plan to our campus community in regards to sexual and relationship violence prevention and response, a question was asked as to whether or not our plan was effective and compliant with the law. Those two words “effective” and “compliant” stopped us in our tracks. One might believe that they are mutually exclusive terms, but they may not be. In looking at our communications plan with fresh eyes we worried that we had erred more on the side of assuring compliance as opposed to seeking effectiveness. Being effective practitioners means more than just adhering to the law. Effective practitioners exhibit care and compassion, broaden services, communicate with campus partners, and continually striving to improve. Effective practitioners strive to do the most good possible, not simply that which is compliant with the law.

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