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Stopping the Revolving Door: Resident Assistant Retention

Dijon DeLaPorte    · 4 min read

Every year, residence life and housing departments at colleges and universities invest in hiring new student employees often called resident assistants. Although the exact number of employees each institution hires ranges greatly from one college and university to another, research has indicated that the retention rate for these positions is about 50 percent (Rishe, 2006)1 . Meaning, departments are spending time, energy, and money to train a staff of half new student employees yearly. As a former resident assistant and a current Director of Residence Life, I find this system to be inefficient and often ineffective when trying to address the needs of residents who live on our campuses. On my campus, our retention rate is better than the average (60 percent for the next academic year), however the small private campus I work at is a much different environment than where Rishe conducted his research in 2006.

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